chile relleno recipe

  • pasilla peppers w/stem
  • tomato sauce - delmonte or heintz
  • yellow or white onion
  • montery jack cheese
  • A.P.F.
  • one egg per pasilla

    Roast peppers over open flame to blackened in parts - do not over cook. Place peppers into a zip lock bag to steam - then peel off skin of pepper. cut slot in pepper and remove seeds. stuff with jack cheese and dust with A.P.F. separate egg whites and yokes - beat wite to peaks and then incorporate egg yokes back into mixture. dip relleno into egg white and fry in oil.
    cover holes with mixture. golden brown then turn. remove to plate. Slice onion and saute. Add tomatoe sauce - heat to simmer. then add 1/2 can chicken stock.
    heat to simer. salt to taste
    Add chile relleno to sauce. heat and serve.

    Spanish Rice

    • one cup rice
    • one cup h20
    • one cup chx stock
    • one tomato
    • one quarter oinion
    • 1/4 cup Oil

    Blend tomato in 1/2 cup water. add oil into pan - heat and add onion and rice - toast rice to golden brown. add tomatoe mixture - boil to cook tomato. add last 1/2 cup water and 1 cup chx stock. Bring to a boil then set to simmer. cover and cook until moister absorbed into rice