Updating or adding to your posts in Jeckyll is done with the ‘markdown’ files located in the ‘_posts’ directory in your Jeckll site. Find and open an existing post - Copy and ‘save as’ to create a new post.

Documentation - https://jekyllrb.com/docs/posts/

Open Terminal and change your directory to the jekyll site saved locally on your localhost.

Example for my setup ( yours will have different path/filename )

cd Documents/GitHub/rsabec.github.io/

Update the file contents: Text formatting links below.

Run the command from that directory to compile and run your site locally to test -

bundle exec jekyll serve


You can then test your site locally - typically this address will be

Commit your changes to Github and retest:

Setting up jekyll and GitHub Pages only required basic programming skills and beginner Github experience. I would recommend using GitHub Pages for your personal site.

Github pages
Jekyll Github repo
Jekyll website