Open the Contoller Application and click on Add Automation -

add Automation

Name the New Automation and select Event-Based or Time-Based.
select event-based

Here I am going to trigger on motion and select If one of these events select one of these events

Find and select the accessory. select an accessory

Add conditions for the selected the accessory. add conditions

Select an existing scene as a placeholder. This in only to compelte the automation to be able to save it. We will update this later. select scene

Click the Close button. temp scene

Save automation. save button

Since Apple has not exposed convert to shortcut feature we need to switchback to Apple Home application and go to Select Accessories and Scenes. select accessories and scens

And then unselect the scene we initially selected as a placeholder. Go all the way to the bottom and click Convert to Shortcut. connvToshortcut

Delete scene listed: connvToshortcut

Add Web action - selectWeb

Select url for webhook url selectURL

Go to IFTTT and create the webhook. createbuttonIFTTT









You should endup with a url for the webhook like this -

curl -X POST{event}/with/key/your{key-here}

Back in Home app add url webhooookURL

get contents of url: getContents